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Tele-classes are conducted via a phone conference network. Individuals pre-register, are given a phone number to call at a specified time, and are then participants in a group experience with an opportunity to learn and share with others in that group.

Some examples of tele-class topics:

Self-Hypnosis for Goal Achievement
Finding Your Passion
Prosperity for the Twenty-First Century
Women in Transition
Change Your Beliefs- Change Your Life
Prepare for surgery to Improve Recovery

Suggestions for additional topics are always welcome as well.

Change Your Beliefs- Change Your Life

Scheduled for October 8, 5-7PM EST
Recent discoveries in quantum physics confirm what ancient civilizations and many Indigenous peoples have known for centuries. As we believe, we draw experiences unto ourselves. If you want something different in your life than what you have created, join us to learn the principles of creating from a place of intention and inspiration. Register now. $20

Prosperity for the Twenty-First Century

Scheduled for October 17, 5-7PM EST
In today’s marketplace, the way in which we earn our livelihood is changing. Learning to manifest all that we need is a natural ability most of us were never taught. Prosperity and Abundance are the result of Spiritual Principles, and developing prosperity consciousness opens the way to personal and planetary healing. Join us to discover ways to change attitudes and beliefs of scarcity into new levels of creating a more abundant life. Register now. $20

Women in Transition

Scheduled for November 5, 5-7PM EST
Whether you are leaving a relationship, experiencing an empty nest, returning to the work force after years of being a homemaker, or recently divorced or widowed, this is a good place to obtain information and support to make a joyful transition. Register now. $20