Attain Calm Pre-operativelyPre-Surgery Preparation

Prepare for Surgery - Improve Your Recovery

Numerous studies show that individuals who have been emotionally, psychologically and spiritually prepared for surgery do significantly better than those who have not had such preparation. Some of the indicators for improved recovery include: patients are much more calm pre-operatively which reduces stress, thereby boosting the immune system; post-operative complications and pain are reduced, and recovery time is decreased.

Preparation includes a one to two hour evaluation, education regarding ways to dialogue with anesthesiologist and surgeon, advising patients to engage friends and relatives in prayer or sending healing energy, and a relaxation, visualization session to allay fears or worries, using the patient’s own words of calm and healing.

This type of preparation is helpful for any kind of surgical or major dental procedure, as well as dealing with the stresses of chemotherapy and radiation.

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