Gain control over your stressStress Management

Breathe, Relax, Enjoy Life More

Stress is a constant companion in our world today. It bombards us at every turn —
from the environment and our workplaces, to our relationships and our own internal perceptions. Inability to effectively manage stress can cause physical and emotional illness, alcohol and drug abuse, loss of productivity, accidents and loss of work time.

Learning to deal with stress includes such things as exploring belief systems that trigger anxiety or stress, cultivating more positive belief systems, prioritizing and managing time, mediating conflicted relationships, improving self-care, and creating an environment in which personal creativity, cooperation, and cohesiveness can thrive.

We follow the protocols of the “Relaxation Response” developed by Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard University. Extensive research has substantiated that anxiety, tension and stress cannot co-exist at the same time one elicits the relaxation response.

Let us develop a personalized program for you or your organization to meet your particular needs for a healthier, more relaxed life. We would be happy to create a CD targeted to mediate your personal stressors, providing you with an effective tool for achieving a more relaxed, confident, peaceful life.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your stress, contact us to determine what kind of coaching would work best for you.