Support On The Path For RecoveryAddiction Recovery

Support On The Path For Recovery

Recovery from any addiction is a difficult process that requires determination, encouragement, support and daily commitment to recover. The first year of recovery is focused on just that- staying clean, sober, and free from the addiction. However, during that time, the underlying issues that may have contributed to the addiction are still there, generally unexplored. Life may not be as joyful as you hoped, your relationships may still be floundering, and you may feel that something is still missing.

If you have been in recovery for at least a year, would like to clear up some of the past, change behaviors that limit you, and achieve a more fulfilling life, contact us to learn how to create a more peaceful, joyful experience.

If you have been in a 12-step recovery program and have been working the steps for over a year, you may prefer to contact us for Spiritual Mentoring beyond the 12-steps.