Phyllis hiking in SedonaPhyllis Satink, M.S., APRN, CS

Director and Primary Life Coach at HHC

Hello, I am Phyllis Satink. Thank you for your interest in learning more about me and why I love what I do for a living.

I received my undergraduate degree in nursing from Loretto Heights College, a division of Regis University in Denver, Colorado at a time when Holistic health was not a common term. My good fortune, however, was to be educated in a program that focused on the health of the whole individual, and as a result, my practice has had just such a comprehensive view ever since. I practiced nursing for many years in both clinical, educational, and home settings, while raising a family of five energetic children.

When my family was well on their way to flight from the nest, I returned to academia at the University of Vermont to obtain my Master of Science in Counseling. I expanded my core studies to include Primary Prevention, Health Psychology and a specialization in addictions. You are welcome to review my professional credentials.

I established a private practice in Vermont in 1990 and continued to add new dimensions of healing to my expanding bag of tools. Some of these approaches to healing include Stress Management and Meditation, Spirituality and Healing, Transformational Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery; Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, and the energy techniques of Healing Touch and Unlimited Body. I continued to study Nutrition and its effects on health, and the healing properties of supplements and herbs. As a result, I recommend products with excellent research and quality control such as those made at DaVinci Laboratories.

My primary focus is to inspire individuals to be all they can be; to connect to their own inner wisdom or Spirit Center, from which springs all health and well-being. For those who seek personal or Spiritual Growth, this may be a brief shared journey. For those looking for healing of body, thoughts or emotions, the journey may be more inclusive and meet the specific needs of each individual. The approach is a collaborative effort and is always respectful of the person’s own world view, and serves to integrate all areas of human experience.

Perhaps you noticed at the top of my web pages the words: Heal your life. Find your passion. Live your dreams. I truly believe in those words, and one of my passions is the outdoors and nature. In the above photograph, I'm taking a break from hiking in the breathtaking scenery of Sedona, a place that is near and dear to my heart.