A Holistic Approach That Honors The Total Mind, Body, and Spirit

Life Coaching Via Phone & Internet

Holistic Health and Counseling is a coaching, counseling, and educational center that offers a variety of ways for individuals, groups, or organizations to improve their personal or organizational health. Via our secure e-counseling site, telephone coaching, or through conference tele-courses, we work together to achieve your goals of improved health, greater happiness, prosperity and abundance confidentially, safely and conveniently.

Our philosophy is one of believing in the sanctity and wholeness of each and every living being on this planet. As such, our focus is to foster a deep connection with the Inner Wisdom or Spirit of our clients to facilitate their own growth and healing. We encourage Connection with Nature or one's own Spiritual Beliefs, whatever they may be, as a way to integrate health of the physical body, emotions, thoughts and to create prosperity on all levels.

Woman participates in online coachingOnline & Phone Coaching

Together We Can Achieve Success

Schedule a telephone coaching session or secure IM (Instant Messaging) chat counseling session. Some of the unique features and benefits of e-coaching/counseling include greater anonymity, no travel time, easy access by the homebound, and ability to receive help from anywhere. Our areas of expertise include:

Your questions are welcomed. Feel free to inquire about your need via our secure online form. We’ll be in touch with details on how to schedule your telephone session or secure Instant Messaging chat.

Holistic Health and Counseling conducts all commmunication using advanced security protocols in compliance with HIPAA (patient privacy) regulations.

Holistic Health Recommended Supplements and NutrientsSupplements & Herbal Products

Bring Your Body Back Into Balance

When we are under stress and/or ill, many vitamins and nutrients become depleted, making it more difficult to bounce back. To allow our system to heal, replacing some of those deficits encourages wholeness.

We can suggest what might be beneficial to support your specific healing process. Supplements and herbal products are frequently used to bring our bodies and minds back into balance, providing the added boost we need to work on other issues.

Essential Oils and Tinctures for Health and Well BeingEssential Oils & Tinctures

Toward Healing and Well-Being

Essential Oils and Tinctures can be used in conjunction with other modalities to encourage healing and well-being. Individual oils and tinctures can be used to support recovery from particular conditions, as well as kits of essential oils and holistic products to target specific issues.

Holistic Health and Counseling Wellness Audio ProgramsAudio Wellness Programs

Reinforcing Change With Positive Messages

We have developed CDs for relaxation, improving body image and weight, to enhance recovery, to achieve goals, and to better prepare for surgery. We would also be happy to customize a CD in conjunction with e-counseling, for your specific issue, when appropriate.

The benefits of using CDs for health improvement are well supported by research. Regular use reinforces and reprograms the subconscious mind with the kind of positive messages that facilitate change.


From James Allen's 1939 treatise As a Man Thinketh

"Of all the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul which have been restored and brought to light in this age, none is more gladdening or fruitful of Divine promise and confidence than this: that man is the Master of thought, the molder of environment, and destiny."